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If you are looking for a freelance digital marketer in Indonesia, specialized  in SEO to work on your website, I am the right lady to be in touch with!

SEO Strategy

People keep suggesting to focus on SEO for your digital marketing strategy. Actually, they are not wrong because most people ask search engine like Google for almost anything. Appear on the first page of the search result might benefit your business. Don’t you think? Plus, your website is your own platform (you don’t pay any commission for every transaction).

SEO Audit

So, did you hire a SEO agency and they basically just give you generated reports from SEO software? Or you did your own SEO strategy? Well, that’s actually impressive! Now, after a while, you need to check if your strategy is well executed? Look no further, I am the right lady for this!

Competitor Analysis

In SEO, you will have a different type of competitor. It’s not always that website that sells the same thing as you are selling. Often, the business owner doesn’t even know who is their online competitor. You can reach out to me to find out more about the good, the bad, and the ugly things about your competitor(s).

Content Strategy

Most of website online shows their online profile and forget to put informative content to attract their audience. I am here to help you to develop the best content strategy for your website. Your business is about Yoga for Entrepreneur? Well, let’s creating content around that!

SEO Consultancy

“Hold on Yoan, this SEO thing is too much right now. I don’t even know what is SEO and how it can help my business!” 

If this is you, reach out to me and sign up for SEO consultancy service. Prepare all your questions in advance. I charged IDR 400.000 (per hour) per session.


SEO Content Brief

Do you have your targeted keyword? Great! Now, we should start creating content. I will help you tailor the SEO-friendly content brief for your writer.

My guidelines will help them creating good content for a page or blog that could attract traffic. Even if they don’t know anything about SEO.

Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. Don’t miss out!

Sometimes I write About SEO and Bali

How To Be A Good SEO Writer?

How To Be A Good SEO Writer?

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12 Important SEO KPI To Track To Improve Website Performance

12 Important SEO KPI To Track To Improve Website Performance

Search engine optimization is not a precise science. A lot of what we do in SEO is based on assumptions and has a chance of working, but it's often difficult to tell whether it does. That's why it's critical to arm yourself with a few reliable metrics so you can both...

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